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Organizing is a lifelong passion for Heidi Chianta, founder of Your Project Manager. From pulling apart the family photo albums at age twelve to put them in order, to launching new products and brands as an account manager in advertising and, later, as a project manager for consumer packaged goods, Heidi has always enjoyed making sense of situations and creating simple solutions.

She started Your Project Manager in 2005 with the premise of getting it starting and getting it done. 

Heidi made an observation early on…

Some people see a situation and tirelessly explore every possible nuance imaginable before getting it the point, the project may never get off the ground.

Some people see the same situation and immediately take action no questions asked...Then, when shifts and challenges come up, they lose steam and focus...often dropping the project before getting it done.

And, then again, some people are just short on time or work best from start to finish with a team to support them.

We are here to assist on a regular or one time basis, to get your projects off the ground from start to finish or any of the steps in between.

Fully licensed and insured, YPM treats every project with the utmost care and confidentiality.

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